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Bulbous Tip – Nose Job Rhinoplasty Virginia

If your nose has a bulbous tip, you may elect to get a procedure that numerous happy patients have gotten before you: rhinoplasty surgery. Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgeries offered today.   A bulbous tip can be corrected using many methods, one of which is cephalic trimming. This technique involves removing […]

Rhinoplasty McLean

There are many reasons that bring people in to see Dr. Hamrah. A common complaint is a dissatisfaction with the nose. There are both functional and aesthetic reasons that people are unhappy with their noses. Dr. Hamrah has addressed them all through McLean Rhinoplasty. Rhinoiplasty, or Nose Surgery, is a procedure to improve the nose. […]

Saddle Nose – Virginia Rhinoplasty

A saddle nose deformity is when a person has a scooping, concave area in the center region of the bridge of their nose. To recontour their nose and correct this malformation, many people elect to undergo rhinoplasty surgery.   To understand how a saddle nose deformity comes about, it’s helpful to learn a bit of […]

Rhinoplasty Recovery – Nose Job Virginia

You’ve just gotten rhinoplasty surgery, but before you’re able to unveil your new nose, you’ll need to recover from the surgery. A nose reshaping is a delicate procedure involving the alteration of bone, cartilage, and soft body tissues; because of this, the rhinoplasty recovery process takes time and effort on your part and the part […]

Rhinoplasty Recovery

Your recovery from rhinoplasty will depend on several different factors, including: The type of rhinoplasty you had performed Your body