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How To Best Heal After Plastic Surgery: A Lesson To Learn From Cardi B

BY STACI SOSLOWITZ JUN 7, 2019 12:06PM During award season, celebrities from all different industries walk the red carpet with flawless faces. The secret to their red-carpet beauty looks is very often the result of plastic surgeries. High cheekbones, plump lips, and proportioned noses are some of the most seen results in celebrity culture. According to a survey […]

Plastic Surgeons Reveal The Ways Social Media Influences Patients

The filters and angles we use on Instagram and Snapchat are changing our perceptions of ourselves. ByJulia Brucculieri 05/16/2019 05:45am ET   We’re going to come right out and say it: We’re living in a selfie-obsessed world. In 2016 alone ― the first year of Google Photo ― users uploaded more than 24 billion selfies, according […]

5 Things You’re Doing Every Day That Are Ruining Your Skin

by Cheryl S. Grant May 10, 2019 at 8:00 am EDT   You probably already know that your skin is your biggest organ. But you might have forgotten all the amazing things it does. Yourepidermishelps to regulate your body temperature; its nerves allow you to experience touch, pressure, and pain; it keeps your inner organs in […]

Dr. Hamrah’s Story: “Why I Became a Doctor”

  Bianca L. Rodriguez. Ed.M, LMFTFollow Bianca L. Rodriguez is humanizing healthcare by celebrating the voices of Wounded Healers. “Be a leader so that your followers one day become leaders, no matter what the odds are” With Dr. Daria Hamrah   “I was asked by a friend and colleague of mine to start a foundation […]

Rhinoplasty Recovery

Are you planning a rhinoplasty procedure and aren’t sure what to expect during the recovery process? Most people find that the recovery process after their rhinoplasty is not as bad as they anticipated. Below are a few tips to ensure that your rhinoplasty recovery goes as smoothly as possible. Be Realistic Your recovery period may […]

Botox- Investment or Indulgence?

Plastic surgery has always carried an infamously pretentious price tag according to the media and the public. Many people assume that anything cosmetic will carry a giant price tag. However, can one truly put a price tag on confidence and self-esteem? Gone are the days that only luxury A- list celebrities and socialites were able […]

Reversing The Signs of Age In Your Sixties and Beyond

Certainly the signs of age are more pronounced in one’s sixties. For individuals who have had no previous facial cosmetic surgery or enhancement with cosmetic fillers and neuromodulators the change in facial appearance may be quite significant. Overall the skin quality diminishes and muscle tone is compromised which causes substantial sagging around the forehead, eyes, […]

The Benefits of Antioxidants

It seems that every skincare company in the marketplace has at least one cream that touts the miraculous effects of its super rich antioxidant formulations. Among the most well-known over-the-counter brands; La Prairie, Lancome, Clarins, Este Lauder, and L’Oreal you will find all that each of them has added antioxidants to their line of skincare […]

Facelifts for Younger Patients

Reversing the signs of age before they become dramatic There was a time in the not too distant past when women and men waited until the signs of age were quite dramatic before they sought out the skill of a qualified facial surgeon. Those days, are gone. While a talented surgeon can still remedy the […]

Slowing the Signs of Age in Your Thirties

For so many of us the big 30 is ushered in with a bag of mixed emotions. Especially in our youth driven culture the thirties can be defined as a somewhat in-between state. Certainly, the thirty year olds of our modern day have little in common with the marks of adulthood stereotypical of older generations […]