TCA Peel Pre and Post-Operative Instruction

Acyclovir:Take as directed if needed. Begin two (2) days before surgery and complete all medication.
Pain Medication:Take as directed as needed for pain. You are advised to take your pain medication for at least the
first 48 hours.
Pre-Peel Skin Treatment
1) Glycolic Acid Facial Cleanser: Use twice daily, in the morning and at night.
2) Conditioning Gel: Use in the morning and at night under moisturizer beginning two (2) weeks prior to surgery.
3) Face Cream: Use twice daily, in the morning and at night.
Postoperative Skin Treatment:
1) If gel dressing is applied, it may be removed at 48 hours following your surgery by using lukewarm water while in the shower. Allow the water to run directly over the face and the dressing will fall off.
2) Soak the treated areas four (4) times a day using one (1) tablespoon white vinegar in one (1) cup cool water. Apply with a soft cloth and cleanse using a gentle circular motion. This will serve as your cleanser.
3) Vaseline is applied evenly in a thin layer after each cleansing. Some patients find it helpful to bathe in the tub and
continually apply a saturated cloth to the entire face.
4) A moisturizer recommended by our office may also be used.
5) Do not apply any creams, vitamin oils or other products to your skin without consulting with our office.
** It is extremely important to keep the treated areas moisturized.
Weeks 2-3:
1) Continue to cleanse with the mild cleanser and apply moisturizer as often as needed.
2) We suggest that you do not expose your skin to direct sunlight. For traveling purposes, please protect your face with sunglasses and/or a hat, as well as applying sunscreen products. Please ask our office for instructions regarding sunblock. Once the redness has resolved, most patients are allowed to begin using glycolic acid products to help maintain their result. General Care for TCA peel:
1) Do not pick or rub to remove dead skin or scabs, as this may increase the risk of scarring. Any scabs should be