Laser Excision of Lesions Post-Operative Instruction Sheet

1) Keep area clean and moistened with either Vaseline or antibiotic ointment as instructed by Dr. Hamrah. Apply a thin even layer after cleansing.
2) Do not pick at any scabbing of the treated area as this may cause scarring.
3) Do not apply any creams, vitamin oils or other products to your skin without consulting with our office.
4) If you will be in the sun, protect the area with a heavy sunscreen (40 SPF+).

It is our desire that your recovery be as smooth and pleasant as possible. Following these instructions will assist you, but if you have questions about your progress, please call our office. For an after hour’s emergency, please leave a message and Dr. Hamrah will return your call as quickly as possible. Calling during office hours will afford a faster response.