Frenectomy Post-Operative Instruction Sheet

1. Do not exercise or perform any strenuous activities for forty-eight hours following your surgery.
2. Avoid brushing your teeth where the procedure was performed for one week following.
3. To reduce swelling, place an icepack on the outside site of the procedure for twenty minutes on, twenty minutes off.
4. While slight bleeding is normal, please call the office if continuous bleeding occurs.
5. Do not have anything very hot, very cold, sharp, spicy, or hard to eat or drink for forty eight hours following the surgery.
6. Do not pull on lip.
7. Do not sip through a straw for forty eight hours following your procedure.
8. Do not rinse your mouth or spit for twenty four hours following your surgery.
9. If you are concerned or have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our office at Novasurgicare Phone Number 703-288-4495.