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Saddle Nose – Virginia Rhinoplasty

A saddle nose deformity is when a person has a scooping, concave area in the center region of the bridge of their nose. To recontour their nose and correct this malformation, many people elect to undergo rhinoplasty surgery.   To understand how a saddle nose deformity comes about, it’s helpful to learn a bit of […]

McLean Lip Implants

A plump pout has long been one of the most desirable traits sought out, particularly amongst women. Lip Enhancement can not only enlarge the size of the upper and/or lower lip, but can reduce wrinkles around the lips. Lip Enhancement can even out a lopsided lip and correct a gummy smile.  These days there are […]

Gummy Smile – McLean Botox

Gummy smile is a condition where too much of a person’s gums show above their teeth when they are smiling. It makes many people very self-conscious, and as a result, they are less likely to smile in public. Though Botox is typically thought of as a way to remove wrinkles, it can also be used […]

Forehead Wrinkles – Botox Virginia

Do you have long, deep, stretching forehead wrinkles that you wish would just go away? Feeling jealous of other people’s fantastically smooth skin? They have a life-changing secret – Botox. And you can have it, too.   Botox impedes or weaken the signals your nerves send to your muscles. After Botox is injected into your […]

Nefertiti Lift – Neck Lift Virginia

Nefertiti Lifts are a newer innovation in the medical sphere, involving the use of Botox injections to tighten the jawline skin. Surgical neck lifts are the traditional option, but these are more invasive and come with a host of drawbacks. If you’re considering a neck rejuvenation procedure, it’s best to know more about the options […]